12th Anniversary of the Writing of the Bitcoin White Paper.


Today marks exactly 12 years since the day the Bitcoin whitepaper was written.

Despite the fact that this article contains facts, I did not set myself the goal of delving into the topic, so this article has a general informative, partly philosophical format.

It’s amazing how many times the main cryptocurrency was buried, predicting a scam. And now that traditional financial markets have begun

However, it is unlikely that all this is what Satoshi Nakamoto wanted and what he was striving for.

Grayscale buys bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other assets directly from miners. It is understood that such coins have a «clean» history and have not been involved in questionable or illegal transactions.

PayPal will also monitor assets for the history of their origin (and of course report «

The same fate will befall all centralized crypto exchanges and their users. In part, the process has already started.

And Russia, apparently, awaits «

In general, it seems to me surprising that in a country with a resource-oriented economy, they do not understand that it is possible to mine not only oil, precious metals and minerals. And that the inflow to the budget from such activities may increase (all the same, there is nowhere to put excess electricity).

Can our members of the State Duma send donations in bitcoin the same?

All these measures are explained by illegal activity and payment in the form of cryptocurrency. It is surprising in my opinion that someone still believes in this.

Returning to reality. Whether Nakamoto is happy with his brainchild or not, bitcoin is already firmly established in the market. More and more people are purchasing this asset on a par with gold in order to protect themselves from inflation and risks in the stock market.

In other words, the market and bitcoin still have room to grow in the long term.

At the same time, although the reserves of gold are limited in nature, there is a lot of it. And with bitcoin, everything is much more specific — mining will stop after the 21 million mark.

At the same time, it is much easier to buy / sell bitcoin than gold, and cheaper, due to the absence of a tax base.

As the subscribers and readers of my channel know, I do not engage in speculation, and I am not a supporter of betting on one thing, investing all funds in one asset.

Therefore, I continue to follow my strategy, participating in both the stock market and the cryptocurrency market.

I keep my bitcoin in 2 parts — speculative and eternal. At the same time, the eternal part of the portfolio gradually grows due to passive income from another cryptocurrency.

More about the strategy

Thank you for reading.

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