A year ago, a random fellow traveler told me 5 rules for buying a house in the village.


The house in the village, away from the city bustle, the runner, the exhaust of the plant and other bysiks we began to look for five years ago. Traveled almost all the Chelyabinsk region, Bashkiria, Tatarstan, Orenburg, Krasnodar Territory, Crimea.

But somehow everything is not that.

Something stopped.


There were no specific preferences, just wanted a house in the village. Breathing with clean air, not chemistry, hear the singing of roosters, washing cows, slowly sit on the banks of the river with a fishing rod … In general, naive city dreamers.

To understand the same thing we specifically need and how to choose the house, the case has helped. We completely accidentally picked up the grandfather on the side of the sidelines. He walked for mushrooms, but somehow he left too far, and there were about 7 km to the village. fekh. While drove, talked.

It turned out that he worked all his life on the Top Combine, after retirement, sold an apartment and went to the village. To the city of 30 minutes on the minibus, so life in the village is absolutely not a burden. This fellow traveler gave us a clear understanding of what to look for and what to watch.

School, Mail, Feld Shell, Sber

Mail and Sber — this is a connection with the outside world, payments, parcels, departure. Sberbank carefully calculates the burden on its rural offices, if the branch of Sberbank is not (at least every other day it worked), then the business activity of the village is minimal.

The Feldshera point is stupid to hope that the rural doctor will be able to conduct an neurosurgical operation in the field, but the enema to put, the tablets write down and measure the temperature, to provide first aid — it is necessary.

The shops. If there are no stores, then everything is very bad. Shops from villages leave the latest. Rare autolars — evidence that the village will not be soon.

Asphalt and street lighting.

At least in Russia.

The asphalt should be at least to the village and on the central street. This is a guarantee that you can get to the city at any time. Street lighting (at least a dozen pillars in the center) — an indicator that money and municipal authorities are distinguished on the content of the village.


Clean business — nothing personal. If there is no gas in the village, it is, of course, not at all indicator. It is necessary to raise gasification plans (they are on the websites of municipalities) — if the village is in the list — Sere Gut.

If not, then…

The site under the house should be at least 15 acres.


Many believe that for giving and 6 acres will go. That’s it, go! No more. For a house in a village with an eye on permanent SMG 6 acres is masochism.

Count ourselves: shed, poultry, a flock, workshop, garage, house, sauna.

And that after that will remain from 6 acres?

Yes even then 10!

And now the last rule. Fifth, but according to the degree of importance it is the first and most importantly.

The house is not important at all, the place is important.

Our good friends — Family Workshop

The house can always be completed, rebuild, demolish. And there is no place!

And one more thing: Try not to take the house for all the money. Even in the new house will have to be seriously invested. When the owner decides to sell the house, the costs of its content and repair are reduced to a minimum, since «the new owner will still remove with itself.» And the fact that the seller did not have to redo the buyer. That is, you.

That’s all today.

We went to the village, in your house on the calendar. We will arrive with the report, photo and video.

Good luck to you and health.