Alas, everything has changed.


We live at a very interesting time: interests, hobbies, fashion, care, work, leisure — everything changes at amazing speed. Do not have time to look back as one trend is changing another. If last year I talked about 10 things that are popular with foreign buyers, then this year the entire list can be safely thrown into the garbage basket — he lost relevance.

The problems of the last time associated with the need for a voluntarily, but in general, forcibly sitting in the grounds did not remotely change the interests of people not only in Russia, but also around the world. And first of all it affected the purchases of people, for which they are willing to pay money.

So, what categories of needlework are most popular from foreign buyers right now? They are not so much, I counted only five, but sales in these segments are very high.

Make type sets, designers, sets for creativity.

Things to create comfort at home.

Different panels, decorative shelves, plates, racks, racks, home space systems, including storage rooms are especially popular. What is not surprising, considering how much they scored toilet paper, it really needs a whole system for its storage!

Organization of space in the home office.

Naturally, the improvised office needs to be equipped. Shelves, tables, stands are actively sold. In the trend, the boards for laptops, which can be put not only on the table, but also on the knees (lying in bed), at the same time to crush the sausages, shut down the sandbroke and wash it with yummy coffee … Dry wine will also be in the topic.

Things to care.


Naturally, each age audience buys something in its interests, but in general, textiles are very well for sale. For example, children and young people actively buys Kigurians. Even my youngest daughter dreams of such a pajama. People aged actively take comfortable bathrobes, breathable textiles for everyday socks.

Here are the five categories of handmade things that are actively sold abroad. I do not say that everything else is not for sale, absolutely no, but …

We also have in