Another 20 US shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange.


And in the meantime, I continue to download those. support in the # tinkoff investment application with your suggestions for improving the service.

But first things first.

As part of its #MIMB program, it has already added 20 shares of American companies. They are traded for rubles.

Here’s a list:

On November 2, the exchange will add 20 more securities.

In total, 40 securities will be traded on the Moscow Exchange. And by the end of the year # the exchange plans to increase the list to 50 securities and further expand it.

Trades in these securities are carried out in rubles (purchase / sale), and dividends are accrued in the currency of the issuer’s country. For American stocks, this is #dollars

These dividends are also subject to a double taxation agreement, and the W8-BEN form, which allows you to reduce the dividend tax in $ from 30% to 13% (10% of which are paid automatically in favor of the United States, and 3% must be paid independently in favor of the Russian Federation) …

The form is signed by the broker (for a detailed note on this topic, the link will be at the bottom of the article).

In general, for 5 months of service with this broker and the use of the Tinkoff Investments application, I am rather satisfied with the simplicity, convenience and the service itself.

I noticed a lot of flaws, but most relate to company cards (secondary functions): the lack of information on dividend payments in the company’s dividend history, some inconsistencies in financial indicators and similar nuances.

And today I discovered that they still haven’t added the first 20 foreign securities, let alone the next 20, which are less than a week away from listing.

With all these observations, I had to go to technical support, where I was not too lazy to talk about my blog on Zen.

And, perhaps, for the first time, I used the channel on # Yandex.Zen as a tool to influence and influence decision-making.

And you say — why do you need this channel?

If dividends and other financial indicators of companies can (and, in principle, need to) be monitored using existing and working services, then the possibility of acquiring shares of foreign issuers for rubles without adding them to the Tinkoff database will not work.

So it turns out that the subscribers of the «Honest Investor» channel influence the development of individual projects, even without knowing it.

Next, I plan to wait a little, and if the addition of the described papers does not happen, I will go to you with a questionnaire. We will take Tinkoff in quantity.

And then they completely relaxed with their sale to Yandex.

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