Apple fined for the lack of charging included iPhone


Representing the iPhone 12 last year last year, Apple announced that she removes the supply of its smartphones and the power adapter from the set. She explained his decision about ecology and desire to reduce the so-called «carbon footprint». However, not everyone supported Apple’s step. The manufacturer of the iPhone criticized not only simple users, but also competitors who, however, were repeatedly repeated. And now it turned out that Apple act attracted the attention of Brazil’s government.

The Consumer Protection Office of the Brazilian State São Paulo (Procon-SP) imposed on the company Apple a penalty for misleading advertising, as well as unfair conditions and sale of mobile devices without charging in the kit. To finf by Apple, the regulator decided after in December last year the São Paulo authorities demanded to prove that the decision did not harm consumers and really helps in the struggle for the environment, and also ordered to return the power adapter into the iPhone box. But Apple representatives could not respond to the questions given by the authorities about how much the failure of charging and headphones was influenced by the cost of the iPhone and whether the volume of charged device was reduced.

In addition, the Consumer Protection Office accused Apple that she misleads users with his advertising. The fact is that in advertising, where the iPhone 11 Pro is substituted under a stream of water, the company says that the smartphone is able to withstand immersion under water to a depth of up to 4 meters for 30 seconds. But in fact, if the smartphone fails because of immersing the water, Apple will not repair it under warranty.