As the village boys «bring up» sovereign neighbors.


I am very far from idealizing the village and rustic relationships. The negative is enough in the city and in the countryside. Only in the village relationship between people they are some more open, honest.

In the city, as it were, a softer, not quite a good neighbor can heal all the entrance, and no one will do anything to him: he lives at two iron doors, or at all behind the iron fence in the cottage, goes on Hammer, to approach such a scary. A complaint to the police in 99.99999999% may have a completely opposite effect.

In the village, where far away is far away, and everyone lives in front of their neighbors, effective rates of education are much more. And especially skillfully these arsenal own village boys.

Try someone offended without a reason … Khm … Musty will be terrible, it will not seem little. And done everything will be as simple as possible and effectively.

He himself personally saw (although not in Kaga), when a healthy neighbor Dachnik-Bugai, chasing the village on the village on a healthy jeep (I wonder what they compensate for such dimensions?) We went with a sick head with a sick, «I tried to worry about all my heads.» And then came to the boys with candy and asked for forgiveness.

I will get acquainted with the most «harmless», the simplest means of providing educational impact. No nanocatalytic bugles, mechanical devices, electronic causes, etc. are not needed. You need three things: black threads, any needle, in which you can sell thread and old rusty nut.

Black threads and rusty nuts are needed so that the object of efforts of a minor embryo Makarenko could not find a nut and threads at night in the light of the flashlight.

A nut is rolled on the thread and tied by a nodule of centimeters at 30 from the end. The tip itself is in the needle or just attached to it (if it is with the head).

And that’s all!

Next is the case of technology.

The needle is inserted into the gap between the sealant (frame) and glass, the nut can hang on any height, the main thing that it takes to the glass and does not beat on the frame.

After that, Makarenko in the company with Ushinsky and Pestalozzi crawl into a neighborhood across the road and twitch for threads. Nut beats the glass. The quiet summer night «void» indescribable.

The object of exposure to young suckers scores from the bed and runs to the window.



Again babams on glass!



The search for a personal Dyatla, who loves to knock on the glass, even with a flashlight, jogging around the house, screams, opens, threats, the breakup of the border strip, raising the fence into the stratosphere — nothing will help. At night, with the light of the flashlight, discharged on the ground, do not notice even by the portable Rengtenan apparatus.


And the first-second night it can help. But then … the guys are moving to the second stage of educational impact.

As they say, welcome to Personal Hell, which in the language of the guys is called a «pounding»!