Bought Rusagro.


For someone, the crisis, and for some — the harvest year.

I will say directly — I do not like the situation on the market at the moment. The fall in markets, as well as their growth is quite understandable movements that can be analyzed and exemplary forecasting.

What is happening is now unique and distinct the fact that the company promising for investments with good history and indicators were under strong pressure of external circumstances, showed extremely negative financial statements and at the same time rose in price.

It is difficult to buy when everything is expensive and there are good prerequisites for a possible depreciation.

This complexity led to the fact that I had a cache on a brokerage account, scheduled for purchases now (accumulated by saving 10% of active income). And for investment ideas I had to go there, where I first would not even look.

If short, then we are talking about export-oriented companies with revenue in $ and positive balance on accounts in the same currency. Unfortunately, the proportion of the state in such companies is very significant.

In addition to # NLMK (who already has in my portfolio), I purchased # Rusagro and plan to purchase # Surgutneftegaz (Russian Cube, on the account of which about 2.4 trillion rubles in dollars).

Extremely interesting for purchase is more # FozAgro, paying good dividends 4 times a year, but: a significant drop in revenue, the fall of profit at 6 (!) Once, and despite the revenue of $, debts in the same $, and the stock price continues Move in the side trend at maximum values. So, this company (for me) from among those who will take a strong correction.

We are talking about the largest vertical agroholding in Russia, presented in the form of a group of companies.

Main activities

Land Bank Group is:

The main assets of the Rusagro Group of Companies are located in:


The company trades in Moscow and London stock exchanges.

Currently, the company has reached the final stage of the development of its investment projects, upon completion of which there are prospects for the growth of financial indicators.
In the absence of large purchases, all this will have to the next, 2021 year.

Among such projects: pigcomplexes in Primorye and Tambov region.

According to the main indicators, the shares of Rusagro are underestimated, traded with the discount and have a growth potential of an average of up to 900-920 rubles.

The company pays dividends 2 times a year — in April and September.

The 18th Century will be cut-off on intermediate dividends (buy up to the 16th inclusive), in the amount of $ 0.19 (expected yield of about 2%).

According to the dividend policy of the company, Rusagro should pay at least 25% of profits, but historically sends more and the average payout rate is 50% of the IFRS profits.

In view of the good indicators this year, final dividends can significantly grow (according to expert analytics, about 32 rubles per share).

As already said, I purchased this company as a diversification in the portfolio to dilute the risky assets of something stable and reliable.

Rusagro showed

Revenues income in $

Underestimated by the market.

Regularly pays dividends.

It turned out to me enough.

Thank you for reading. I hope the note was helpful.
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