He found out from the Soviet book on home economics, how to use the New Year’s Christmas tree.


New Year tree is a unique thing. In December run throughout the markets and bazaars, you are looking for the most beautiful, high, discontinuous. Such that children jumped to the ceiling from happiness. Drag her home, dress up, everyone is happy. But it passes literally a couple of days, and another problem comes: the holiday is over, the Christmas tree dries, crept on, and in general May month ends.

In general, you need to go somewhere not a green and order of half a fatal beauty!

Cerenne, for residents of large cities such a question is not fundamentally worth it. Yellower’s shelters take shelters for animals, there are fuel disposal centers.

All other residents of Russia are not invoked by civilization. Many townspeople, walking in the morning to work, give trees to janitor: sticking them to the closest lift or shyly hide for the garbage. Perhaps … The wipers are just sobbing from the dignity!

Owners of their homes are a little simpler — a New Year tree can simply burn. Therefore, the most common route for it passes at the following stations: Ax-Mangal-kebabs.

Can you do that?

Can. But no need!

In 1953, a textbook on housekeeping was published in the USSR. Elder people do not explain anything to explain anything — many studied at him in school. But most of us were not lucky: someone from the «smart» in the Morobre considered that children so everyone knows, parents are near, if they tell me.

Gentlemen, if one of you read this article: many children are now not the buttice to sew or pants to shave, they can not even tie shoes on shoes.

But today is not about it. In the most recent chapter of this wonderful textbook, there are amazing tips on the arrangement of the courtyard in a private house (then it was called the estate of the collective farmer). And one of the councils just concerned the New Year tree.

Last year, we tried it and were shocked by the effect that was obtained.

Invarigate? They have taken!

It takes 1 (strictly one, if more than three, then writing disappeared, work will not be 😎) Husband, one tree hacksaw and one (but better more) Christmas tree, fir or pine. In my case it was pine:

Sleeping from pine is very careful not to lose the needles, all the branches are spilled at such a distance from the barrel:

Ultimately, I got such a wonderful Ural cactus:

A little later, I cut the trunk on the pieces and burning — ash, by itself, good fertilizer.

Spinned with the «Ural Cactus» branches neatly fit into the snow at the place of the household site, where flowers are growing every summer. It turns out a seek winter bed.

After that, this garden must be thrown by the snow so that the branches do not blown:



The fact is that before spring, pine / Christmas-tree / fir needles frighten well, smash and almost completely disappear from the branches. That is, when the snow melts, the needles will be separately, the branches separately. When melting snow, they will be poisoned with water and will begin to chant.

The main property of fallen coniferous needles (they are also called opeglades) in the fact that they scatter the soil, saturate its useful mineral substances. And, in contrast to fertilizers, do it in an optimal way.

If in the spring there is a dry branch in the spring (the dry branches remain without needles, you can simply cover the shovel) and plant flowers on this place, then you will get such a flowering that you can not even imagine!

Your violets, nastures, peonies, sunflowers, Queenia, Maks, Lupins, Carnations, Heather, Kalina, Badan will be out of happiness, admit to you in love and let’s give luxurious colors and the riot of paints!

But most of all such a soil love roses and hydrangea. All friends and acquaintances will guess what the secret methodology of growing roses and hydrangeas you know.

Do you know how else you can use your New Year’s Christmas tree? Share your experience! Pojaaaaaualuyst!