Honor’s first flagship announced after separation from Huawei


It has been several months since the Honor brand split from its parent company Huawei and gained independence. During this time, Honor managed to present several devices in a new independent status, but there is still no flagship smartphone among them. If you, like many Honor fans, are waiting for the release of the new flagship, then we advise you to be patient, since its announcement will not take place until mid-summer.

According to a new leak from China, the official premiere of the new flagship Honor smartphone is scheduled for July this year. It will be based on the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 octa-core chipset and, quite possibly, will become part of the Honor Magic lineup. Unfortunately, apart from the processor model, nothing is known about the new Honor flagship. But, we hope that in the near future, insiders will share more detailed information about the new product.

By the way, back in December last year, Honor CEO Zhao Ming announced that his company plans to release flagship-level smartphones in the future. Allegedly, the brand is preparing devices that will compete with the flagship models from the Huawei Mate and Hiawei P. series.

Recall that Huawei had to sell the Honor brand under the pressure of US sanctions. After gaining independence from Huawei, Honor is no longer subject to restrictions imposed by the US government, and it can freely purchase all the necessary components for its devices, which the former parent company has been deprived of due to the trade war between America and China. Honor is already in talks with manufacturers such as Qualcomm and MediaTek to install their chips in their devices. The brand is also discussing with Google the possibility of returning Google mobile services to smartphones.