I buy NLMK, RusAgro and Tatneft.


I haven’t done a portfolio review for a long time, but now there is a need to put data in order and streamline thoughts.


NLMK (there was no review of the company, so I will do it soon).

RusAgro (

The long-suffering great martyr

Detailed commentary on Tatneft:

Polymetal (recently took in portfolio,

Comment on Polymetal:


Not many companies pay big dividends at the end of the year. But now this is a nice bonus at the end of a very difficult year, which I will redirect to the purchase of new shares.

According to my strategy, I still keep the capital on the second bottom in the market, and I make all purchases on a monthly basis, saving about 10% of my active income.

But after I wrote it, there were +10 companies, which in total is already 19. And this is only # the Russian stock market I have not even undertaken shares of American companies yet.

Based on the fact that such a massive investment portfolio is absolutely not my style, I decided to postpone the review according to the plan, and describe the purchases as they are made, while simultaneously describing the companies and indicators. In general, I would like to broadcast the portfolio in a more dynamic form, and not as a frozen static.

Its strategy of investing in the crisis is very

Thank you for reading.

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