I saw advertising glue, which can be glued all to everything, even a person to the ceiling.


In any form of creativity, the biggest problem: how to collect everything to stand for a long time and did not fall apart. This problem of all types of crafts and handmade, and each wizard solves this problem in different ways. Someone uses nails or self-tapping screws, someone welding, someone stationery glue.

But what to do with glass or stone? Especially if you need to glue them to the metal?

The most unpleasant for the master when it comes right during the exhibition to it fit an angry buyer and begins to show the dug earrings, a ring or brooch. This is at least not pleasant.

For seven years of work, we tried a lot of different adhesive compositions. The experienced way was established that ultraviolet glue would not fit (often glass and the more non-transparent stone), PVA is simply powerless, «moment» and super glue is afraid of water, the epoxy glue connection is split from sharp blows.

Well, not on the screws of the glass to plant?

And we found a miracle glue, for which we glue the last three years, completely by chance — when watching the roller on YouTube about one American master, which makes jewelry of the luxury. He had this glue on the table and he showed how to connect his products.

This is a two-component glue by the famous German firm UHU. This company produces more fifty types of glue, we use it:

UHU Creative —

We bought and checked!

Of course, it didn’t work out to stick to the ceiling — the ceilings in the test workshop. But a small experiment spent.

What did you do?

Divaled glue of two tubes in a special container. They took the foundation for the ring and a large beautiful booster of glass. Halfed two hours when the composition grabbies (for 2 hours the glue dials 60% of the strength and the product can already be used, the remaining 40% of the strength is recruited another 10 hours).

And then they took the ring and joined the case with screwdriver, batteries, charging and coarse. The design, of course, turned out to be frightened.

Load for 1 square. Santimeter amounted to 3 kilograms. Now consider! On average, the area of the sole feet in humans is 360 square meters. See, multiply by 3 kg. And get 1 ton!

So the person to the ceiling, even behind the legs, can be glued with these glue.

Since then, we glue all our products on two glue. The first, ultraviolet, is intended for transparent glass. The second, as we are affectionately, we call it, the thoughts, glue everything else. And for three !!! For a year, no ring, no brooch drank.

Never approached us with a single buyer with a claim that something drank. And this is expensive!

I glued to them broken ceramic mugs, torn off the fastening of the luggage grid on the car, poured the handle with this glue from the screwdriver and another one thousand of all sorts of trifles. The only thing that does not glue our «thug» — paper and cardboard, but no one canceled the stationery pencil!