In the meadow found the squares of Ivan-Tea: there was a village before there.


No matter how much we were busy, no matter how much the workshops were scheduled for travel, two or three times in the summer we are going to collect Ivan tea to one special glade.

This is a very simple explanation.

My hometown of Magnitogorsk does not have a good ecology. At all! But even understanding this, among the citizens there are such «peppers» who collect Ivan-tea right along the roads and wasteland. Apparently, they like an additional set of trace elements from the metallurgical plant, which is added to all useful properties of the plant. Maybe this tea even glows in the dark (but this is not exactly ?).

In general, we do not want to risk our health, so every year under the new year we go to the bathhouse … (oh, this is another fairy tale) … We are going for the Cypria for the manufacture of Ivan-tea double fermentation.

Strictly on the same glade!

From her to the city almost 80 kilometers. But there is nowhere to go, it is an ideal clear place where there is no dirt, emissions and lively tracks. However, with this place, with this beautiful meadow in the heart of the Southern Urals, one very interesting story is connected.

Even in the first visit to this place, we noticed that Ivan-tea grows strange, perfectly smooth rectangles or squares. And this is a sign. The fact is that Cyretes are narrow-leaved (such as the scientific name of the plant) is very close to the person — he loves to grow in the places where there were a village before there were at home, baths, on the places of ashes.

And at the «Our Ivan-Tea Polyana» Cyretes, as if there was a village there. Square or rectangle, gap and rectangle again, everything is strictly in two or three lines. And between these rectangles in the low grass, the full-tower berry. Warl down, spread the grass, and there … everything is red!

Only closer to the trees, where the sun is smaller, Ivan-tea overgrown the whole field. And no longer understand: whether there were at home there or not. In general, our observation has become a great reason for the expression of local, commemorate to the village to serve.

It turned out that our guesses are true. Once at this place was a very prosperous and beautiful village, in which quite a lot of people lived. But they were forced to leave their place of residence due to one belief.

All together!

In one day!

As a local resident told us, next to the village there is a known temper and the beauty of the Sakmar River. And in this river, next to the village, lived an evil spirit of Yuha, who in the evenings took the appearance of a beautiful girl, lured to the men’s river and their top. In one year (it was long before the revolution) drowned some of the strongest and beautiful men.

On the council of the village, the local «shaman» said that the evil spirit was associated with the river and would not leave, so the village should urgently move. Then the evil spirit is confused and leaves Celian alone.

Imagine, attendant «Shaman» the whole village starred from the place, people threw their homes and moved two kilometers further!

Local said that the evil spirit went on the village for a long time, and smoothly in a year, day a day, the old village burned down. Therefore, they do not sow anything on this field, occasionally slaughter the grass, never stay spending the night, fish.

And precisely because of this, Ivan-tea grows strange squares, it was in those places where at home had once stood.

If someone is interested, place on the map: 53 ° 04’03.3 «N 58 ° 11’15» E.