In the middle of the village lie blocks of metal, which are fused healthy nails.


I was always hit by irrepressed energy in children. When you feel a little forty, you did not sleep, all the days and half of the nights sat in a workshop in a workshop, then arriving in the village, I would not just like to relax, but Raaaaalab.

Although a little, the smallest to live for myself, go around the village and the district with the camera, talk to the neighbors, go to the bathhouse, drink a seagull from the samovar left by the old owners … Yeah, Schazzz, got married!

In children on your weekend other plans. These energy-fixes want both of the other, and the third at once. Burn there, ride there, Skuhushka, until dad sees, drive to the borrowing, sit at the church, to meet local children, drag parents to the store for yummy.

But sometimes killing children’s energy through the edge allows you to make stunning finds. In our second trip to the Ural village of Kaga, our children found … Found … I even find it difficult to say what they found.

But first things first.

We went to walk around the village and the first paragraph of our excursion program were two hefty old-pretral sheds, which stood at the bridge right on the banks of the river (in the photo they are indicated by arrows).

We just approached these sheds as the children who managed to tear a couple of circles around, began to serve very energetic noise signals:

-Mama, dad go here! We found stones !!!

Top blue? Enough, we were already geologists.

Yes, no, these stones they … they are not some stone. Rather not at all stone!

-If stones are not stone and smell badly, then these are heaps from the cow!

Dad, enough to mock. Better help pull out.

It was nowhere to go to go pulling noncalany stones from the ground. What I saw …

No, I, of course, I understand, the children believe that their dad is the strongest, smart and more beautiful monkey, but even Arnold Light-Schwarzeneggerovich would have unleashed from such a stone.

The stone really was not a stone.


From the word at all.

Just think so, it was a huge piece of metal ahead with a slag, in which they were not that fused, not the big and small nails are clogged!

And not one, not two and not even ten nails.

There are tens of them if not even hundreds.

The weight of the lump of a few tons!

And it was pure truth. Young search engines found a block, which weighs ten times more than the one that we found the first, and nails in it were natokano even more.

To pull out such from the ground is not the fact that Dad and Schwarzenegger, but even Chuck Norris will not be able to the tractor. In the ground she goes a little more than be healthy.

Just thoughts with heavy technician!

Naturally, the children could not leave such a riddle without solving, the program «Geologist» was switched to two alternative programs «historian-archaeologist» and «Shilo … one place.»

I had to dad with my mother to go to the village library, where everything turned out. All Wine Fire of 1911, when the village burned down. Together with rustic houses burned and plant. Where we discovered strange boulders with nails, there was a warehouse of finished products.

The temperature was such that the nails folded into the boxes were practically melted and merged together with metal blanks, which were lying right in the yard of the plant on a pile of slag.

Brew the formation of metal boulders breakthrough dam — water instantly flooded the whole territory of the plant. Blinds were so frozen half sworn in crude land.

True, there is another opinion — blocks are the frozen content of factory ovens, which instantly cooled after the dam breakthrough.

Although, probably, this is not very important.

Local residents seriously believe that every nail in these blocks is the memory of people affected during the 1911 fire. It turns out that each block is a stunning monument.