In the repair of a modest townhouse invested 150 million, sold for 13 and cannot sell.


The most famous Swede, Multimilliander, owner of IKEA, IKEVA Kamprad became famous not only with his wealth, but also the greatest modesty. He lived in a small stone house with a total area of 75 sq.m. When he died, many were struck by the fact that part of the objects, the kitchen appliances were made back in the 80s. They are morally outdated, but their functions were performed properly.

Why then change them?

Our Multimillioners and Other and Owners are not familiar with the life and principles of the founder of IKEI, and when they are in hand, FigsenetStalkolion Dennakov, the roof demolides immediately and on all the money!

Therefore, the status of a rich man needs to be confirmed by a very expensive car, and the dwelling … the dwelling is needed new, spacious, and so to repair it, so that as the palace, and even better the museum!

To the Vatican, Hermitage and Louvro in one bottle. Oh yeah, and gold, gold bigger, everything imported, the overseas must be.

It is hired by the most and most promoted and revered in the narrow circles of the rich people designer who should master the budget provided at his disposal. It does not matter that this budget can be restless to live a couple of Russian regions, but in the end it turns out …

What is happening in the end we now and see.

There is a small town of Miass in the Urals. Very cozy city, spread in a very extended valley, shed mountains and the largest and most beautiful lake of the Southern Urals — Turgoyak. Residents in total, together with the closest villages, about 170 thousand people.

I do not know why, but the number of wealthy people in Miass 1 square meter exceeds the same ratio in other cities several times.

Although no, I know! Clean air, a skip and turgoyak — a real magnet for wealthy people, to build a house next to him for the capital or regional billionaire is considered the highest chic. Therefore, the prices for cottages in some areas of Miass quietly break through the Moscow bar and closely approaching Yalta and Sochi.

Who can’t afford to buy the estate, pleased with a small cottage or townhouse. Well, okay, but inside you can come off. The price of Townhouse without repair in that complex is 9 million.

Townhouse, which I will tell you today with full repair and furniture sell for


Despite the fact that according to the statement of the realtor, the owner has invested more


And can not sell!

Outside, this selected urban home is nothing impressive. Boring brick walls with multiple air conditioners. Architectural delights, as they say, zero, zero and three tenths.

But inside, behind the strong doors brought on special order from Italy, the present treasure lies. All four bedrooms, two living rooms, four bathrooms, swimming pool, relaxation room, billiard room,

Such a number of gold, Italian marble tiles, Moroccan mosaic, stained glass windows on 1 square meter of living space I have not met anywhere, though, believe me, the private houses me are viewed not one thousand.

It is immediately clear that the «steep designer» mastered almost the entire amount of money provided at his disposal. Although it would probably be the possibility of the same mosaic and the facade of the house.

In general, it is hanging this miracle of domestic design for sale for all real estate agencies and not for sale for the third year. Just think about it, the owner sells a house with all setting, furniture and decorates at a price of 7% of the value of nested repairs.

And no one, no man, none of the more than a thousand who have examined the house, did not have the desire to buy it. It may be worth selling the interior and finish in parts, it will be somewhat more expensive?

How do you like the Golden Museum? Would you like to live in such a way?