Mascinal in Lade Vesta is now considered to be in a new way.


On the bright yellow lid of the oil-coaling neck of each Lada Vesta there is a proud «AvtoVAZ recommends …». This is the same oil to which the manufacturer recommends Westness, I and my Lada West SW cross 1.8 AMT and sing. Just helps it, how to say the softer, is weak.

Exactly up to 40 thousand mileage Machine saw oil vendsa. Every day, when I was approached in the morning to the junior car from under the hood, a siled whisper was distributed:

Host, give more butter!

If on Nissan, for 4 years of ownership of the oil level of the oil level, I checked the maximum two times, then on Vesta it became a weekly tradition. And in the trunk necessarily a liter bottle of oil on top of the topping. For every thousand kilometers the car drank 690 grams of oil.

It really unreal a lot!

But for AvtoVAZ 690 grams of oil is not an indicator of marriage in the engine. It does not even scare that up to 10,000 km the car on his native oil without an attraction will simply do not reach.

Now, my Lada is no longer a young girl, as-nothing has changed the fifth tens, but before the end of the guarantee is still far away. And in some miraculous way after 45 thousand mileage, the Mascinal decreased to 500-550 grams per 1 thousand km.

The other day, the official dealers of AvtoVAZ came a letter about changing the flow of oil on Lada Vesta engines:

700 grams per 1 thousand km. reduced to 500 grams. per 1,000.

Only the words norm is no longer there, but there is a very tricky reservation, which did not fit mechanics, and lawyers: «no oil flow rate».

So now in the case of exceeding the massener in 0.5 liters per thousand with a sealed engine

True, if the dealer does not find defects as a result of disassembly, then all work pays the owner of the car. For the price, this pleasure will be at least 11 thousand. At least such an amount voiced to me.

Apparently, this is due to the fact that the Nissan engine began to put on the freedom, which does not differ in such an unlimited appetite, although it also employs oil — the neighbor’s oil consumption per thousand is 100-150 gr.

By the way, if you look at other machines, their manufacturers have arrived even cunning, for example, in Hyundai Solaris’s user manual, the flow rate of 1 liter is 1500 km, and in heavy conditions, a liter of oil per thousand mileage.

And then the question is legiturized for Russia: what to do?

Go to the dealer, seal the engine and after test rolling in 1 thousand km. To achieve autopsy and repair?

Or maybe spit and search any replacement for the lady by the age of slightly for 50, loving to eat oil with vendors?

There is no point in taking the same thing on the variator — I told the dealer directly about it. Universal in such a price range is not found. Take Kret, Seltos, Duster? They are small, and decently more expensive in a normal configuration!

And it can smear with a hand on the massella, the new AvtoVAZ rules, and so and ride with liter eggmarkets of oil for a permanent topping engine?