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In the era of digital technologies, 5G and electric vehicles, there is nothing better and more reliable than cloud storage. If you still store all your data on hard drives or flash drives and are looking for the ideal cloud service for yourself, then our new article is especially for you. Today we will tell you about the domestic cloud storage developed by Group.

Cloud is a cloud service for storing not only photos, but also music, videos and other files. And, unlike the option with storage on a local device, cloud storage has a significant advantage in the form of data synchronization across multiple devices. Simply put, by uploading data to the cloud, you can access them from absolutely any device at any time and anywhere — just log into your account. In addition, all content stored in the cloud is easy and simple to share with other users. offers its users several tariffs for access to cloud storage. So, for free, customers can count on 8 GB of memory in the cloud, which will be enough for more than two thousand photos. 32 GB of storage will cost only 59 rubles a month, 64 GB — 75 rubles, 128 GB — 149 rubles, and 256 GB — 229 rubles. Rates for real professionals are also available for 512 GB and 1 TB for 379 and 699 rubles per month, respectively.

We can endlessly talk about the advantages of cloud services over more traditional ways of storing data. But we propose to highlight the main advantages of the Cloud:

In addition to branded cloud storage, Group has another interesting tool for those who prefer to store content in the cloud. This is Disk-O — a cloud drive aggregator or, more simply, a computer program with which you can work with all your cloud storages in one place without opening different applications or a bunch of tabs in your browser. In fact, Disk-O imitates your computer’s hard drive, where data from various services is stored. In addition to Cloud, the program is compatible with other popular cloud storages. These include Yandex.Disk, OneDrive, Box, Teambox, S3, MCS S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, pCloud and WebDAV. Disk-O supports Windows and MacOS computers and laptops.

Main features of Disk-O:

Who needs Disk-O? In fact, not only IT-schnicks, as one might think, but everyone whose activity is in one way or another connected with working with a large amount of data, which is also stored in different cloud services. This means that if you are a student, teacher, photographer, retoucher, designer, developer, blogger, operator, content maker or even a middle manager, then Disk-O is what you need.

As in the case of the Cloud, Disk-O offers several tariffs to its users. A 31-day trial is available to make sure the service is needed. The full version of the service for a year will cost 1,790 rubles or 149 rubles per month, and for three months — 590 rubles or 197 rubles per month. More details about the service can be found at

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