Now in its site all metal structures I will cook myself: I bought a welding machine with the index «K»


If I had ten years ago, I said that I would like a salary welder, boil the gate, wickets, fences, greenhouses … Well, I never believed. With my eyesight, hands, growing not from that place, and passionate dislike for metal, which I carefully passed from school lessons of labor, it is simply impossible to believe in such.

But, now more and more I am convinced that there is nothing impossible. As they say, if you want a lot — you can fly into space. My first «flight» with a welding machine occurred under a wonderful view of his wife, who said:

-Well you’re a man, you can be a staircase in the house to cook?

If a woman says such words, then in the dirt, it is impossible to hit the face. I straightened myself a poet, made an eagle look, smiled and with dignity said:


A completely different thought swept in my head:


I had to calm myself:

-The you will see the rollers youtube, it seems like there was nothing complicated.

In general, there was nowhere to go, went to buy a welder, mask, electrodes and thick gloves from spilk skin (kragi). Immediately make a reservation, for the welding machine, I did not catch a naobum — the familiar welders from work suggested the desired model.

Roughly speaking, I was told the following:

If you take welding machines with current up to 160 — it is not enough (but they are cheap), 190 — the golden middle, above 220 — no longer needed for the house, and they are expensive. It is best to take the devices of the «K» series are compact devices that are distinguished by low weight and dimensions. You can throw on the shoulder, and cook it. Almost all welders recommended reanut — the service is in all cities, repaired on the knee, parts are full.

I appreciated these recommendations on the first day of work. The compact series is really very light and shoulder even after an hour of work does not feel discomfort.

Due to the small weight, the device is not very afraid of blows and falls. This spring, I managed to drop it from a height of 2.5 meters on concrete. As a result — the protective cover is lit, the device works.

I bogged up with everything necessary, I dragged the Kip shopping in the garage, unpacked, connected and … I went to watch the videos on YouTube. After three o’clock, I came to the garage armed with the experience of several generations of welders and feeling that in the power to cook not only thick metal, but even to weld the canning jar to the cosmic ship body.

-Ha, owe,

Included the device, set the right current, took the profile tube and … The adhesion electrode so that it turned out only with the help of a grinder.

-Nothing, now we will straighten. Add current.

And … got a huge hole in the metal. His googled like foil.

Still twisted the device. The holes have become more.

Still twisted. Adhesive electrode. And where is this pivot antisalip electrode !!!!

From the 100,000,000,000,000 attempts managed to catch an arc and spend the seam from the beginning to the end of the profile.

Oh, how I was proud!

It was waited when the metal cooled, knocked down the shower with the hammer, and the seam crouched. In fact, the metal did not even grab. Just the connection was covered with slag.

My shameful digression has seen no one. I went to work and asked familiar welders to show how to cook this … Metal !!!!! They laughed long, but explained my mistakes. Under their leadership, I got the first more or less normal seam.

I still keep this piece of iron in the garage.

What to say. Three years have passed since that moment. Of course, I do not cook a metal as a welder professional, and incurred, and burn metal. I use rutile electrodes MR-3 with a diameter of three millimeters.

With my own hands, I welded the porch, saving a total of a total of half aquicker of blood earned money, a fence, a gate, a staircase, two greenhouses, a table for a furnace in the workshop and even managed a little «stabbing», welded a rack for the «irrigation» tank.

What can I say about the device. A very good thing that can forgive a lot of beginners, withstands falling, strikes, long-term work. For three years, he broke once, like all the normal Russian people, I did not read the instructions and began to clean the welding seam next to the inverter turned on. Although the instructions for all black is written:

It is impossible to work with a grinder next to the inverter.

I read about it when he turned off and no longer turned on. In the service I was told to my direct text:

The man is an idiot and therefore the repair will cost 1000 rubles.

Yes, I know, I can even show a reference, that’s a thousand.

The service masters laughed and in 30 minutes everything was done, the benefit of spare parts on them, indeed, fully.

The only thing that strains me is the short masses and the holder wires. They are very, very short. At each of them, the manufacturer invisible ink wrote:

You bought too much a very good apparatus, so at least then peers.

The other day I will order a long wire for 5 meters. The welding season on the site began.