Painted the terrace of the Nobel composition: now all the neighbors go to watch and surprise


Attention! The article is not an advertising, but reflects the flour selection of a separate person on a separate site.

Well, that, our epic ends with a terrace. After assembly and grinding it is time to paint. It seems that there is something difficult here, I went to the store, I bought the desired composition, painted in an hour, another and you will be happy.

And how to choose exactly the most necessary composition?


Many paint with a yacht varnish.

But in the southern Urals, having gone to our frost, heavy rains and the burning sun (when the temperature in the sun rolls over +60 and if you go barely legs on the track from the tumor, then you understand that there is a tobacco chicken in a frying pan) The year is smelted by Oshmets.

And instead of the beautiful country paradise, testifying to the consistency of the owners, the bum-version of the studio or the Galitsky Park. And then how to consider these sorts with a terrace board (especially Velvet).

In general, if you feel the maso-inclinations, buy a yacht varnish and, as they say,

You can paint some impregnation.

First. The impregnations all go in the standard palette of colors (especially the impregnation manufacturers really like the color of the nut and the rosewood, probably it seems to them that it looks very expensive) and it is very limited.

Second. All impregnations only protect the tree from ultraviolet and harmful bio factors. Yes, you will not rot the boards, the bugs will not be able to gnaw it either. But impregnations do not know how to protect the tree from physical exertion.

They are not wear-resistant!


Linseed oil.


What we wanted.

We wanted to paint the terrace so that the texture of the tree just looked through the color, but at the same time it was nice to walk and feet felt a tree, and not some other coating. Plus, the color should have a steel light gray shade to tone Siding on our house and the top of the terrace that will be pure white.

In general, the idea is both in that joke: the waiter, but bring me tea to sugar more, but not sweet and that the hot-pre-keeper was, but not boiling.

Hearing all our Wishlist consultant in the store made eyes not even five kopecks, but five hundred rubles 👀. I looked attentively at us, apparently made in mental health and … I tried to a calling center to the chief specialist (which means one selling less in the personal test).

Spec, listening to us attentively, just digest the information from half a minute, after which he said:

Take the Nobelka, and I’ll squeeze it to you in the right color.

What is Nobelka?

This is not a new word in paints and coatings, not the products of Skolkovo and not even the discovery of Alfred Nobel. This is a special coating for the terraces, which is made by the Netherlands Akzonobel company and is called Pinotex.

In this coating, a mixture of oil, paint, wax and a bunch of all sorts of additives: from beetles, from the sun, from the blue and mold. A kind of super-duper-ultra-mega-hyper Composition from everything that can only be naked onto the terrace. They can even paint wood furniture.

And, which is very important for us, it creates a coating that resists the physical wear of the tree. But only in the case when the coating is applied twice.

What to say? There is no dirt, water simply flows and leaves no divorces or white stripes. During this month, the neighbors came to visit us. They were just delighted, filmed shoes and walked like children, barefoot. It smells cool, there is no smell of chemical.

And now pursuit.

For all advertising and marketing laws, you need to put a widget with advertising Pinoteks. But it will not be! I just shared my experience. If you painted something to others and you liked it — write in the comments. I will be grateful.

This composition is sold in stores and it never is unique. In recent years, such combined oil and azure formulations have learned even our manufacturers: Alpina, Marshall, Husky, Osmo, Tikkurila, Healthy House, Aquatex, etc. Yes, and our lower prices will be, see for yourself:

So the nobels were just among the first. It is important that the coating relate to the Ultra category (Extreme) — in the composition of the oil should be solid wax and additional lifting supplements. And for the best color it is desirable to use the database. Although … we just painted twice. It was enough. You see it in the photo.

That’s all. Good luck to all!

Caring is much — Winter from Caming.