Portfolio news: MTS, Polymetal and NLMK.


Some good news from companies from my investment portfolio.

As part of its program BUY BACK, approved by the Board of Directors in March of this year — # MTS continues to buy out shares.

The total amount of ransom is 15 billion rubles. The term of the redemption program is 1 year.

Half of the funds are aimed at redeeming papers at AFC «System», which owns the MTS stake in Sistema Finance. Despite this, the proportion of the system will remain control.
The remaining funds are aimed at redemption of shares from the open market.

At the same time, the shares are purchased not directly, and the company «Bastion» — a 100% subsidiary of MTS. And the total amount of purchased papers is 1.13% of the authorized capital of MTS (24.3 million ordinary shares), in the amount of about 8.2 billion rubles.

I like reverse ransoms.

The Board of Directors # NLMK suggested paying the dividends this year this year, for 9 months 2020 in the amount of 6.43 rubles per share.

It is noteworthy that this amount includes a one-time payment over a dividend policy in the amount of 3.21 rubles per share, aimed at compensation for the decline in dividends for the 4th quarter of 2019.

In general, NLMK showed itself nice this year. I have already averaged the position, and in the future I plan to increase the share of this company in the portfolio.

Precious metals mined expressed the probability of paying 100% free cash flow on final dividends for 2020.

The payment for the first half of the year amounted to $ 0.40 per share, but in the second half of the year it is even more expected to improve the company’s financial indicators due to the growth of the cost of precious metals (in particular, gold and silver).

In the third quarter, Polymetal recorded historically record prices for the sale of precious metals. But here it also lies and possible risks to deteriorate the situation in the company with a decrease in the growth of the cost of metals.

Back in March # Polymetal formed a «financial pillow». Next year, the company plans to partially repay, partially refinance $ 422 million left from the pillow.

The company’s net debt fell over the third quarter of $ 80 million to $ 1.61 billion. Polymetal is waiting for a long load by the end of the year below 1 EBITDA.

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