Replaced the old lamps in the village house with LED panels from traffic lights.


For our new-old village house, which we bought a month ago, the issue of lighting rose hard. The fact is that local coverage issues do not suffer, to economy (it is understandable with rustic electricity prices) are practically not accustomed. Almost in all houses, old -est incandescent lamps dangle under the ceiling. I would not be surprised if I find out that some of these lamps were prevented by Live Ilyich personally.

At least in our house it was this way (in the neighborings too). And since the rolling of the decor is covered with dark yellow varnish the lining, then even the day the dungeon appears. On the top photo it is perfectly visible. In the evening, it rolling the feeling that you, at least, the prisoner of the castle of IF.

The painting of the walls in bright white helped, during the day with bright the sun was already good. But in the evening, who seen the living leader of the revolution, the lamp did not cope and stained the rooms with dim-yellow spots.

So the question with the light needed to decide. Urgently! Greetings on the ceiling wiring and adhere to more lamps — it turned out to be quite expensive. Wiring, cable channels, lamps themselves, cartridges — all this on the whole house went into a penny.

But you needed to do something?

Strangely enough «traffic lights» helped.

I do not care about the goods from this store so that with suspicion … but in general without suspicion, since I know that in 70% of cases there are selling frank, as if to soften say, if you say. This applies not only to products, but also electronics, all sorts of equipment, tools, other household and non-specialized devices. And in particular, this refers to LED lamps-panels.

Panel data, under the wonderful names «Ogonos», «Firefly», «Cosmos», «Sphere», «Orion», «Galaxy» in this store appeared two years ago. One mimolent acquaintance with them was enough to understand — they did not even in China, but in another galaxy.

Since in our 100% will not work!

The fact is that the LED panels are not equipped with a fork — on the reverse side, they simply hang three thin wiring. Everyone has! So here are those «intergalactic» panels, these three wiring are so thin that they are even dangerous in their hands. Two lonely copper hairs in thin isolation — that and looked will break away from simple breathing. The housings of these panels is almost from the foil, and, given that the LEDs are very good, then there is no speech efficient heat sink.

That is, the thing is originally disposable: turned on — burned — threw out.

But, stopping the other day in this store for the highest quality product from the entire range — liquid for ignition — I just saw a gift of fate who saved me a bunch of money.

IEK LED panels.

Who does not know is the Russian holding of electrical companies united by a single brand. From what is in the market of IEK — Golden Middle. All that is cheaper — a compromise or frank kaka type of the same «galactic panels», everything is more qualitative — much more expensive.

I do not know which supplier I decided to purchase these panels for the traffic light, but guys, for it, he needs to put a monument in full height. From cast iron! So that the tractor cannot be shifted!

I bought five panels for the whole house. Easy mounted, all fasteners are included. The panels turned on instantly. Each has 18 W power. LEDs are glued to a rather thick aluminum plate.

Each panel is long 70 cm. This is enough to arrange the panels on both sides from the central lags, which is located on the ceiling. It turns out that two panels illuminate the whole room!

For which I went to the «traffic light», so it for the price. If in online stores LED panels of IEK are sold …

Sold …

For such a price:

Whereas in the «traffic light» the same LED panels of the company IEK I took much cheaper. By 191 ruble! Total 5 pieces of panels (2 in the kitchen, 2 in the hall and 1 in the Senetz) cost me 955 rubles. Just some kind of holiday.

The feeling of the holiday has grown by me at times after I noticed that the neighbors on the street go past at home and look into the windows flooded. It turned out, there is from what to peek!

In the evening, my son and I went to walk to the temple, and, looking at our house, understood why all the passers-by touch our windows.

Look at the photo.

Do you find our home?

So the question with the lighting is definitively solved. To the demolition of the house, these panels will work on the ceiling, then eat somewhere. At least in the same workshop, which will have to build in the spring.

Now on the agenda, the issue of sewage system, since the amenities in the yard and women’s health are incompatible. The wife and daughters set the next question to the edge.

We’ll have to do, they have a more trichy Röber more …