Showed guest from Austria Traditional home blanks: compote and jam.


What we have, Russians, never take away, is love to all kinds of conservations, jams, homemade components, rims and other snacks. During the year, every hostess carefully collects, launders various jars, trays, bottles, and how the time of the summer procurement company comes … it started. Only audible:


-Ahuu, carry more cans, gooseberry boiled

Went banks, apple jumped

-Mail collected? Deliver ten cans under the jam …

Maybe in small families, everything is completely wrong, but we have compotes, jams, jams, jam is just a giant number. Go to the storage room, and there … the battery.


Until last year, tourist and Austria came to our workshop. Rather, he came not to us, but on MMK for the exchange of experience, but familiar who have lived, decided to surprise him with glass and show our workshop.

And what dating in Russia can be without a covered table?

Have a good hungry for hungry should not be released. Therefore, during your stay in Russia, Paul, which is exactly the name of the guest, began to resemble the rounded soccer ball. Russians so fed him as he was on the question of an agitated mother:

Are you not starving there?

Frankalenny Dietyatko honestly answered:

I’m already tired.

In general, to the visit of the expensive guest

Guests came, looked at the workshop, then went to the house. In order not to eat dryness, I took out a three-liter jar of our corporate compote from summer fruits with cloves and some other spices. Guest tried:

-What is it?



-What did you do it?


It was necessary to conduct a guest to a room with a battery of summer compotes in tri-liter banks. And explain to the rounded eyes of the Austrian trying to get out of points, which is not because of hunger or disadvantage of food, but just a tradition. It turned out, he was surprised at a completely different:

-You are so rich that you can highlight a large room for storing such a stock of food?

And banks?

This is the glass! They are expensive!

And how much time do you spend time, water and resources?

And where are fruits and vegetables in such volumes take?

And explained further:

We can afford this not just wealthy, but very wealthy people. Only rich can eat environmentally friendly food, without any industrial additives. My mother has a small cottage in the suburbs, where he grows raspberries and currants. Her jam is considered a delicacy and this is very expensive pleasure. She managed to harvest only a few small jars at 250-300 grams, and can not be about compote and speech.

It turns out that we do in fact because of poverty, as attempts to provide themselves with additional vitamins in the winter, for «civilized Europeans» is considered to be a riding consistency, but no expensive car or at home.

Maybe we are not entirely exporting, you need to send our raspberry, mushrooms, berries, honey, nuts, conservation, compotation and jams to the west? You look instead of oil and gas, the real power flows according to Siberia-3: compote and jam. After all, it is no secret that, for example, the French are very loved by a raspberry jam, but they cannot grow raspberry, so they buy a berry (89 thousand tons!) In Belgium and Russia. Germans gladly buy our mushrooms and forest berries. Poles adore Russian blueberries and Victoria.

By the way, Paul gave us a recipe as the entire year to have fresh compotes and boil the jams that we were converted to our, Russian conditions. For a whole year, I pointed yourself with fresh snacks. But about it in the next article.