Stock market — MMM.


You know, when, in my presence (or in the comments on the channel), someone calls some financial instrument, # stock market or company with an abbreviation «

Name any instrument «

But, in essence,

Based on the description, it becomes clear that

You don’t call tap water Coca Cola, do you? Don’t call roads asphalt, forest trees, and clouds sky. So why do you have the stock market and bitcoin — «


These are signs published by the Central Bank and distinguish financial pyramids from … what? From other, honest companies?

A financial pyramid can only be a certain company or organization. How can the stock market be a pyramid scheme?

And Bitcoin? There is not even any company behind him. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, that is, a cryptographic

Yes, the world economy is now being pumped up with money (the so-called «incentive measures»). Yes, #bitcoin has increased volatility and is not recognized by all market participants. So what? Where do you see the signs of pyramid schemes?

When a person calls something a financial pyramid or «

Such knowledge, in the long term, allows a person to better navigate those investment instruments that are available to him.

By analogy with the forest: understanding what is land, grass, trees, insects, animals (etc.), followed by studying all the components, allows you to better navigate the forest.


But this is so.

Guaranteed profitability (after reaching retirement age).

Cash payments to participants at the expense of funds received earlier from other participants.

Lack of own fixed assets and other expensive assets.

There is no precise definition of the organization’s activities (in this case, the fund is not engaged in any other income-generating activity).

the pension fund exists thanks to, sorry, premature mortality. If all people lived up to retirement age and received all the amounts of money that they owe, the fund would go bankrupt.

The employer is legally obliged to make contributions for his employees to the fund. But here’s the caveat: the money that a person earned and accumulated by roundabout ways is inherited, but the money stored in the PF is not.

But no one shouts about it, because everyone understands the benefits: «If I live to old age and lose my income, the state will take care of me.»

So, #financial pyramid is getting better from this?

Realizing these things, I am investing.

My PF is the investment capital that I create myself.


The cryptocurrency that I have will go to those closest to me who have access to wallets.

You should not simplify the complex to such a state that the essence of the ongoing processes, phenomena and things themselves will be lost.

On the contrary, when a person «separates the wheat from the chaff», understands what is happening and assigns his own names to everything, the picture becomes clear.

In the future, it is this

A simple example. You can call the stock market currently stimulating the economy with money — a pyramid. What does it do? Nothing but the fear of losing your money.

And you can decompose the market into components, where the Fed, the Central Bank and fresh money are only a small part of the big one. What does it do? This allows us to think about what risks the Fed and the Central Bank pose, and understanding the risks entails the correct choice of investment instruments.

Traditionally —

If you are interested in expanding your understanding of the structure of financial pyramids —