The crowd of Chinese surrounded the seller at the fair and asked: «meow-meow, slying.»


The fact that the Chinese are terrible sweet tooths know everything, even the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom. Not in vain every year, Russia exports to its slightly yellowish neighbors thousands (just thousands) tons of honey, chocolates «Alenka», jam, «Napoleon» campus, and, by the way, the condensed milk.

True, the captivation of the condensedum is the trend of recent years. The fact is that the Chinese dairy products are not very complaining. Rather, they pledged. Now the situation has changed and the younger generation, which has grown in the separation from the solid covenants of Comrade Mao, loves milk.

In Xih and even in the twentieth centuries, cow in China were not the rarity, how much value. If you now see a shiny varnish Mercedes on the road, you know His owner cool. In China, the analogue of the lacquered Mercedes was a cow.

To our time, the situation has changed and «Dairy Mercedes» became more accessible to ordinary Chinese. Yes, even the Communist Party was concerned about the health of the nation and the impact rates of the dairy plants with pastures. China survived Russia for the production of milk. The truth is worth it about 100 rubles per liter.


And since it is expensive … then drink the milk is cool — you are elite.

And if our youth often drops with energy and cappuccino in cups, then the growing generation of Chinese — milk. For, I repeat once again, everything connected with milk — cool!


There are a large product fair in our city. What only sweets are not selling there. Especially many departments with confectionery goods. One day (even before the events of this year) I decided to rinse at the fair for the delicious cakes from Tandara and I had the witness to witness the next scene.

At the parking lot in front of the fair stood a huge tourist bus. And the buildings of the fair itself occupied a simple such crowd of Chinese tourists. Joyfully chirped in their own language they scattered around the trading rows, photographed, something even bought.

Or tried to buy.

But most of the Chinese people gathered near the departments with Confectionery. And only imagine the situation: the crowd of foreigners surrounded the layer with sweets, fingers first to show the showcase, then in the face of the seller and the difference screams:

Meow -Mau!

Redesome again. And almost choir:

-Mau — meow!

And adds:


Put yourself in place of the seller. Woman convulsively thinks:

-What is such associated with cats want to die out clearly hungry chinese?

Offers some sweets, then others, others …

And then the translator is suitable for the department with sweets, which is already tired of running around the entire fair, and explain the one to the seller, then another that they want to acquire incurred guests.

Guess what it was?

Here is a hint:

Candy Dairy Cow!

And they said not:




That translated means — «Cow — a cow».


It turns out in the past few years in China Bzik on Russian candy «Cow»! Brought from Russia as a gift to the Chinese «child» candy cow — it means to take care of your Kinder. In the most consecutive, these candies are very stupid. Therefore, the Chinese and surrounded the department with valuable sweets, requiring themselves kilogram packages «slicing.»

And we now laugh at the whole family when we pass by the department with candy, and often say «meow-meow.» True, no one understands us and looks like on …