The men gathered a brigade and hung Announcement «Take it for any job.»


Recently, it is very fashionable to moan in the comments about the fact that there was a bad thing, there is no money, there is no reason to break anywhere, you will not jump about the head … Only instead of somehow change your life commentators quickly sit at home, or rather lying on the couch.

And if such a person suggest a job, let the dirty, albeit hard, but well-paid, hear how it is busy, there is no time, and in general, «Ilon Mask Won by Mars launches, and you climb you with your shovel.»

Not solid! 21 century nevertheless.

My today’s story about ordinary men, workers who did not finish the institutes, do not want to launch a person for Mars, and they are not going to jump above the head too. But these men firmly know one simple thing: if you sit even on the same place, then no money, nor even water to you, as a stone from the proverb, does not arrive.

Two Oleg, Sergey and Sanya, from childhood, were friends, lived in the same courtyard, from time to time they worked together on one, then at another factory, even happened, «quantities» sometimes a single front.

Two years ago, when in the economy became completely bad and many unqualified employees were told at the enterprises «Adew!» All four too remained without work.

How much can you live without money?

Month, two, three?

You can survive, live!

And what can be done in the midst of the crisis, when you do not take anyone? Go to the employment service? Watch the corpulents of enterprises? Give in tambourine and drop the last?

The men did easier, but more efficiently. They gave an advertisement for Avito, in which they said honestly:


Make a meadow?


Paint garbage tanks in the area?

Even easier!

Disassemble the burnt household?

The owner, dius and every day it will not be!

Prices installed divine. On the first day each received 570 rubles !!! In the first weeks, 700-800 rubles went on brother, sometimes more. The biggest earnings were on the burnt garden house. No one wanted to disassemble him, mess around in the heads. For 15 thousand rubles and two days of work, the house disappeared. Everything that burned — burned, that did not burn — they pulled the garbage.

Over time, they went very well-good orders: put a fence, pour the scene near the house, collect a metal garage. One of Olegov leveled welding, bought a simple welding inverter for orders. Gradually began to turn tools: motobram, braids, saws, grinders and other things.

Two years have passed. Now in their «mini-firm» four brigades. Each has its own specialization: gardens / gardens (trimming, bowls, coppe, cortex, etc.), welding, concrete and, as they themselves joke, terminator team (dismantling of everything and everything). There is a permanent staff of workers, there are «disposable alkashi».

60% of orders goes from Avito, 20% — regular customers and a shed radio, another 20% of paper ads, which envy constancy are intertwined in gardens, summer and garden partnerships.

For a month, every employee earns from 20 thousand, brigadiers — two Oleg, Sergey and Alexander have almost twice as much. And this is noticeable, more «medium-temperature» salary in Russia. In winter, the orders are more complicated, but private «managers» and the HOA, which we have in the city of Pond in the city are helpful.

Why did I decide to write about these men? After all, they do not do needlework, have not reached noticeable heights in some craft.

Yes, well, well!

A week ago I stood and watched, how they demolish the neighbor’s old saradow. Competently, clearly, without fuss. Disassembled, folded into the heaps, drove KamAZ — everyone has thrown into the body, they received money and left, sticking ads on the electric pillars of our village.

And noted for myself: But the men understood one simple thing: the millionth state will not be at work, do not earn at Bentley or Maybach, but to feed himself and the family is quite possible. Their uncomfortable work gave all four of all one, but a very important thing — confidence in tomorrow, confidence that they and their families will not remain without a piece of bread, and with oil.