The neighbor found an ancient book in the old closet and came for help.


Today, bucinistics is experiencing a second birth. Now and then you can hear as one person on the bookshelf found the lifetime publication of the writings of Pushkin and was rissed, the other was breathtaking on the shelf of Tomik with rare fairy tales and sold it for 8 million rubles, the third … I also dug out too. And it may be digging still …

My neighbor this year very successfully sold the house. The incentropment of recent times caused steady demand for suburban real estate. People reached people that their home is much better than a cell in a concrete anthill, in which there is another 2500 more people in addition to you. Before this spring, she could not sell the house in any.

Buyers come «to see», the condition is good, the area is huge, the price is pleasant, but there is no money. And then many decided and the house was sold.

In general, she collects things, parallel to the expenditure of Augiyev stables, who managed to accumulate for twenty years of living together with her husband in a small house with a total area of 460 square meters.

In the basement they had a closet, not even a wardrobe, and a good white buffet. Such were popular before the war. What wind it brought him into the basement even the mistress herself can not remember. On all my questions, she says simply:

Yes, he always stood there how much I remember.

Since the new owner said that the house will be fully repaired and it does not need anything from that rhuchadi, which has accumulated. The neighbor came for help — pull this white buffet from the basement to the street. While I was going, she decided to free the «furniture» from the collapse of the accumulated garbage. And in these duties found an ancient book.

There is no binding for the book. Rather, his role is performed by an adhesive cover of some ancient notebook. The root of the book is the entire cutter-pervertopan with black threads, apparently the previous owner often read the book and tried to save it as much as possible. And so that she did not scatter himself sewed it with simple harsh threads.

No information about the place and year of publication is not.

With the exception of the fact that in color illustrations !!! Very bad, but you can still make out the following text:


and on

«Lit. M.T. Solovyova in Moscowѣ»

Well, now about the content of the book. In the text it is clear that this is a free retelling of events of the Old and New Testaments. Only talked everything is quite popular, without any inconsistencies. There is no trace from a heavy poorly read biblical syllable. As if the author tried to tell the biblical history to children or not particularly competent adults.

That is, essentially, this is a highly simplified biblical text.

But this is not the Bible!

And then what?

Attempting to google / divide the excerpts of the text from the book did not give anything. There is a couple of coincidences on the name of chapters, but there is no text itself in any document on the Internet.

Color drawings — lithographs (chromolithography) are very well preserved. It can be seen that they were made on the conscience, there are no blending of flowers, traces of slipping, herds.

Judging by the signature to lithographs, the book was published in 1902 or 1908. The presence in the text of the yokes and the eare indicates the text, that is, the reform of the 1917 text did not touch.

I can not understand what kind of book it is. Wife, professional philologist-etymologist, also does not know what it is. Neighbor interests how much it can cost. More than a million or less.

Here is a tangle of riddles to be given us an ordinary old cabinet, which stood in the basement.

And you will not tell me what it can be?