The only city in Russia, which officially sells flies


There is in our immense one small, but very cozy, provincial city, which since 2015 is quite officially, at the state level, received the right to sell flies. This is even evidenced by the record in the register of Rospatent.

What is a «fly» and why everyone who visited this small town, considers her duty to buy it for a completely tangible amount of 500 rubles?

I will start from afar.

With drinking in Russia always fought. Most often prohibited, less often limited, even less often … allowed. The first king, who officially allowed residents of Russia to fight with the green serpent by drinking it, was King Ivan the Terrible.

In 1555, seeing how people are having fun in the corrches, drinks the veins, and the highest money is not supplied for this, John Vasilyevich banned alcohol anywhere except in royal kabackets.

To ban something forbidden, and think that alcohol is needed to eat something, he somehow … well, I did not think. Therefore, the Kabak was a strange spectacle: come in, drink and get ready for the end of the body, for the bought did not bring almost 200 years.

During this time, the people got the power as requested about the appetizer that Peter was first commanded to open the restaurants, where every visitor could not only fall to the wrong state, but also to nourish normal food to the dump, and then for a small money to rest in a separate room. Ceing dining room-cabin-hotel-detoxing ol inclusive.

The problem was that in ordinary kabaks only poured. No snacks. Therefore, the struggle with green serpent was for ordinary warriors a latter. In the restaurant, it was also necessary to eat, so the price tag did not please.

And the innkeepers were puzzled: how to remove people to the restaurants?

Finding a decision helped Fly!

Homegrown Tsarist Marketers suggested by Peter: to each visitor Tavern the first glass need to pour for free. So to speak at the expense of the institution.

To her!

Wow! How many freebies divorced! —

It was a massive wineglass, with a thick bottom and leg, with very thin walls. The edges of the glass ended with a special rolling — a thick side.

Everything was aimed at creating an impression from the guest well, oooochine of a large capacity. Although in fact the Ryumashka accommodated no more than 15 milliliters. Especially greedy innovers — 12 or even 10.

If you pour wine or vodka to such a glass or vodka, then the walls almost disappeared and it seemed that the fiery water in it is more than more (by the way, we used exactly such a cunning in Soviet times in the Kremlin, but about this is another story).

The people understood that he was brutally deceived, but the love of Halyava rearranged and clients poured into the restaurants. Such severe royal marketing! True, individual lovers of freebies before finally settle down in some restaurant, visited 5-10 such institutions and after the first «guest» gnaws left.

The small volume of the dishes did his black business and the Halaviers worked the head even faster than after the volumetric dishes. And the people of such tips were called: «walking under the fly» — they were distinguished by a cheerful temper and not quite even step.

Accordingly, the same guest winery received the name — fly. After all, many especially greedy innkees she was so small that many said: Yes, it was not sitting on your glass and fly!

The small merchant town of Elabuga (rep. Tatarstan) was famous for his restaurants. The All-Russian Fair attracted a huge number of people who needed to feed, drink and sleep. Therefore, only on the main street of Elabugi was almost fifty restaurants. You can imagine how many fans of the «buzzing» dishes were moved along the streets of the pre-revolutionary city.

In modern elabuga, such a number of restaurants, naturally, no. But «Muhu», as one of the city’s business cards, carefully patented in 2015, so this funny glass can only be bought here.

One single, preserved since that time «Muhu» put in the museum. And its exact copies ordered in glass-powders in Gus-Crystal. All tourists are happy to sell a «buzzing» souvenir for 500 rubles. Take, by the way, with great pleasure.

Guessed why?

Everything is very simple.

In addition to the memory of visiting a wonderful and very cozy city, this fly is a great way to «put» the campaign of men in the unconscious state.


If you do not eat from flying from fly, with breaks of 3 minutes, it will already be no one for 11 to «buzz» — everyone will simply fall under the table.

It is said that only one person was able to withstand 15 flies for all time. I do not know, the truth is or not, but there is no big desire.

So, if you are in Elabuga, go to the local «tavern» to the local, and buy that the most patented fly. As a souvenir, it is 100 times more valuable than the boning magnets on the refrigerator. Nowhere else can not buy such a wonderful ass.

NNNU, for health!