The scammers have become completely insolent.


I would like to touch on the topic of financial security.

The other day I received a call from some regular office that provides services for trading in the financial markets. I just said: «

But then I got a call from the Moscow Exchange itself! All with the same offer.

Note «

Then we talked about trading stocks, derivatives and, attention — cryptocurrency.

Etc. etc.


And then the idea came to how to drive the swindler into a corner.

I was asked to wait, and the conversation ended there.

So, apparently, there was another leak of data to the Internet (I had my phone back during the ICO

The stock market has existed for several days. The system is built, adjusted and working.

Even in the cryptocurrency market there are reliable companies like Waves, Binance, Exmo, KuCoin, Bestchange (exchange monitoring).

If we look at the stock market separately, then, again, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. The Moscow Exchange cooperates with brokers, brokers — with investors.

Commentators told me about some kind of Energokapital investment company and reproached me for not knowing anything about it.
My question is: do you lack the thrill in life?

Top brokers in the Russian Federation: Finam, BCS, Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff.

I do not believe in the need for management companies (management companies) and investment companies. Yes, there are honest ones among them (Arsagera, for example), but I decided for myself a long time ago —

For starters, a little #life since the Ethereum boom.

I knew one cryptocurrency blogger. Basically, he participated in network projects with a referral program, where he built the so-called structures.

One day he decided to withdraw his 6 Ethereum coins in order to sell them through an exchange. I entered the site in the search, followed the first link, entered my keys and created a transaction for transfer. The coins did not leave for a long time, and then went to another address.

It turned out that this site is a double, an exact copy.

There are scripts that replace the copied / pasted data. A couple of characters in the address / account — and the money will go to another person.

Protect your capital.

Traditionally —