The seller of cleaners told why they turn out to quickly consider tag from a frying pan, and buyers do not


Every summer we travel around the country with our decorations made of art glass. And almost at every fair, on any of any significant event, where there is a street trade stand …

Sellers cleaners for frying pan.

On the newspaper is covered with a thick-thick layer in Nagar of the frying pan. It seems that it was not soaked and not cleaned since the time when Eva was balung Adam Belyashai. Each hostess knows that it is unrealistic to choose the hands of such a tag. But the soul is asking beauty and purity.

How it does not resist when a certain peasant takes a thin flushing on a wooden handle and absolutely not tightening purifies half a frying pan from a fatty, thick in a nagar finger.

And in parallel explains that the shape of the brush is special, metal bristles of a special form, once it was a secret development. Sometimes for this super-extra-hyper-nano-brush, over which world luminaries engineering thought worked for many years, simply arose comic queues.

You look, almost every buyer in the package is a cherished brush. The sink is that coming home and taking a pan, the hostess understand that the world engineering thought did not improve something … or the Nagar in a separate family was super-steady.

After this, the wonderful brush is transmitted to her husband with the words:

I bought a brush here, which quickly cleans. But I do not have enough strength, please clean.

After 5 minutes of Siewicz, the husband also understands that the miracle brush cleans at a speed of 1 frying pan per year. And this is another maximum!

The secret is simple. We learned it last year at the Spasskaya Fair in Elabuga. Sergei was the most «unpretentious peasant», the seller of cleaners, to our neighbor on the space-tent.

While he laid his goods, I remembered that we have an old hiking frying pan in the farm. We take her in every big trip. It is not possible to clean it, as a rule, there is no time, so the century-old Nagar hiking and the trips imposed on her just uncleaned Nagar.

Back from a trip with perfectly pure frying pan!

Hmm, good idea.

Only Sergey dispelled my hopes:

-Do you think about buying! Return in five minutes.


Well, just do not.

In the evening, when all merchants rushed for their hiking cuisines, along the rows pulled a delicious stew, boiled in the pans of Makaroshka, and some particularly tired traders took on a chest 5-10-20 or even 100 drops … Sergey, who was sitting next to us , Talked and revealed the secret.

The fact is that the sellers are special in frying pan. It is done specifically. Mix the food soda with unrefined sunflower oil to such a consistency so that the mixture is like a homemade sour cream.

Then this mixture is smeared the frying pan and ship in the oven to be carried at 220 degrees. Hour, from the strength of one and a half and in a frying pan miraculously appears «Heat Nagar».

You can consider excess, walk with a napkin with butter and in the hands of a merchant is an age-old frying pan. If screamed by the nail, it seems that this is a real nagar. But it is worth touching it with a brush, as it is quickly and easily believed.

He is very fragile!

But, dear reader, I can not throw you without a recipe for quick removal of a real old, age-old Nagar! I can not and everything! Therefore, I tell:

Husband is taken. 1 piece.

Burnt frying pan. 1 piece. It is possible 2 and 3 and even 5, but the more quantity, the more the first item will grumble. Therefore, relate the number of frying pan with the degree of grillness of her husband.

In the hands of her husband, a screwdriver 1 thing and a rusting brush made of hard wire are invested by the wives of his wife. Also 1 thing. It is possible more, but the husband’s hands do not have enough.

Five minutes of active work on the bottom of the frying pan, 5 minutes over the inside of the frying pan and your kitchen addicts acquires a prime appearance.

Optionally, you can walk in shallow sandpaper, then it will not be seen traces from the brush and the frying pan will really be like new.


Nagar is better not to count at all.

Yes, it looks not aesthetically.

So what!

Nagar is a protective film that does not allow food to actively adhere to a pan. Well, I cleaned our hiking frying pan, became like a new one. But how everything began to adhere and burn! HORSSSSS … And why I did it! Wait again to wait for the formation of Nagara.