The title of the best drill 2020 got a tool about which 99% of the masters did not even hear — EBB26.


In childhood, looking into the instrumental box of his grandfather, I was 100% sure that the bright orange drill of the production of the Unnamed Polish plant was the top of the development of the instrument. I watched, how deftly grandfather drill a hand drill hole in a homemade toy pistol for a grandson, that is, for me, and understood — here it is perfection!

Time has passed and, of course, now I do not think so, but the thrust for perfection, it did not disappear to a good tool. Any man, in principle, loves a good, high-quality tool.

If you ask lovers’ masters, what, in their opinion, the best tool. From the number of options simply roller ears! For one best will be a «dior» or «whirlwind», the other passing by them contemptuously smiling and calls «Makita» or «Bosch». The third will swear on all four stamps and will raise the Pedestal «Festul». The fourth will rise the mountain for «Milwaukee».

Professionals, developers engineers do not spread their opinions and are suitable for the choice of the best tool wiser. The fact is that there are several tool classes:


Many now allocate a semi-professional tool. In fact, this tool does not exist, it is only a marketing trick — you can not be a lover and a professional at the same time. And it will turn out as a joke with a monkey, which considered himself and beautiful and smart.


And there is another class of tools, which in principle few people know.


Well, now, in fact, about the «culprit» of today’s article.

This is the EBB 26 rechargeable drill produced by the Swedish company ATLAS COPCO. Previously, the Swedes produced a professional tool, but 20 years ago refused this sphere and switched to the discharge of manufacturers of the industrial instrument.

The housing of this drill from reinforced fibro plastic, whereas the entire filling is made of metal. Weight drill 750 grams, freely placed in the palm. And this is despite the fact that the battery has 18 volts. All household and professional drills are in comparison with her look huge monsters.

The same tool externally campaign on the wretched Chinese score. But when you read it characteristics, you understand that all those monsters in the junctions are not suitable for this «toy».

Starting with the fact that it can be programmed on Wi-Fi, has five steps of drilling speed, adjustable power, which, by the way, does not fall when the revolutions decrease, and, ending with the complete absence of hollows, beats, heating, etc.

Just imagine when driving multilayer materials, drill:

determines which layer it drills,

selects the desired speed and power,

Determines the degree of wear of the drill.

And the speed of it is limited by electronics and can reach up to 5,600 revolutions.

And all this with the almost complete absence of noise, a special cartridge that simply snaps up on the drill, and the weight of the battery is 50% less than that of professional tools.

The quality and reliability of the drill says the fact that it is used in assembling aviation equipment in corporations such as Boeing, Lockhid, Airsh, NASA. It can not buy a simple person, but for organizations it is quite sold … at the price of Boeing.

Just kidding, but the price inspires respect.

You ask, why are you telling about this tool when it is applied only at large plants? Everything is very simple — in a few years there will be almost all professional drills. No one wants to stand behind technical progress.

Ready to buy yourself such a «toy»?