The US court fell on the direction of Xiaomi and canceled the ban of the Pentagon


At the beginning of 2021, the US Department of Defense included Xiaomi in the so-called «black list», accusing it in relations with Chinese military and banning the Americans to invest in the manufacturer. However, in Xiaomi, they did not agree with the decision of the Pentagon and hurried to challenge him in court. And the American court, contrary to the expectations of some experts, rose to the direction of the Chinese manufacturer.

The press service of Xiaomi reported that on March 12, 2021, the court in the United States banned the Ministry of Defense to recognize the manufacturer of the Chinese Communist Military Company. The court removed the restriction on the purchase of American Citizens of Securities Xiaomi and noted the requirement of the Pentagon for the sale of investors from the US assets in the Chinese company in the term until November 2021. The judge agreed that the decision of the Ministry of Defense and the US Department of Trade in relation to Xiaomi is rapid and ridiculous.

Representatives of Xiaomi stated that the company albeit is satisfied by the court decision, but plans to achieve the final abolition of the ban. They stressed that Xiaomi is a fully independent company that produces household electronics exclusively for civil and commercial use and has never been associated with the government and military of China.