«This is your business, here they are doing and do it!».


The trunk door of a healthy Toyota Landcover is carefully closed. Fragile species Woman took a folding table for street trading in one hand, and in the second giant bag with a handwelred commodity and turned to the car. The driver’s door glass slowly dropped, both healthy, lounge, with «decent distillation» with a roasted, a man of forty years old almost asked:

-Well, when will you wait for you?

-We up half of the sixth sell, work out and descend. In half aide drive up?

-Yes, probably.

If not difficult, climb to help. The bag is very heavy.

This is your business, herself herself, herself and twist. I would sit at home, her boring her …

And the jeep slowly and chinno left the parking lot. A woman with a heavy bag began to slowly descend to the place of collecting needlewomen in the basement room of the shopping center.

We just unloaded, the wife was waiting for me with our product below, I put the car in the parking lot and turned out to be an involuntary witness to this scene.

Let me help you.

The woman looked at me with gratitude. I took a bag and amazed: how she could carry such heaviness. Even to me, a healthy man, without problems with a dragging bags with cement, the Baulchik seemed decently heavy.

He believes that this is a pellery.


So we swelled together to the place of collection.

In the evening, after a whole day of successful trading, we, smiling and throwing jokes with other masters, laid tables and boxes with decorations in the car. Natalia served me the boxes, I stood at the bottom of the Debarkader and put them in the trunk.

The same woman stood at one of the columns and looked at the descent with hope.


She noticed me and smiled sadly, and in his eyes stood tears …

I communicate with many craftsmen, needlewomen and handicrafts. And often see similar situations.

Someone goes to trade the family — a husband with his wife, hand in hand, make a common cause. Even when everything makes a wife or husband, the second spouse helps. Wears, replaces, trades, sometimes talks about the product better than the master himself. And how many family workshops in the Urals we have in the Urals, when the spouses work together, even joint exhibitions spend!

But it happens that the fragile woman carries a table with him, a chair, a bunch of bags, food, takes with him a child (and still managed to do with him!), And the husband does not even deign to get out of the car:

«This is your business, here and do it myself, and I work, I’m tired.»

And it looks like this contrast, which makes you think. In our family, too, it is not everything smoothly, there are such situations that I want … Yes, I want a lot of things in the cast. But this does not change the main, in trouble and in joy, in wealth and poverty — the husband and wife are lovers, real halves. And when my wife took up glass, I didn’t evenhe mind to tell her: do everything herself. When I started writing articles in Zen, she began to help me with a spelling check (yes, yes, yes, I am still illiterate).

Therefore, does it make sense to force someone to help?

Maybe just the one, the second, not half?

P.S. When we left the basement of the shopping center, a black landorger went to the parking lot and chinno.

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