Tinkov refused to sell the bank to Yandex and MTS.


There have already been two articles on the news about the sale of TCS Group — first Yandex was a potential buyer, now MTS. To be honest, I am even embarrassed by this situation. But you need to put an end to this whole story.

And the point is very simple:

I liked this position. And this turned out to be quite enough to return TCS Group shares to the purchase plan.

Anyone who was a simple user of the bank and investment applications can breathe. There will be no reorganization and deterioration of the existing service.

Well, after such a turn from the side of Oleg Tinkov, there definitely cannot be a turn.

In general, I very much hope that TCS Group will remain in the form in which it is — a private bank traded on the stock exchange.

P.S. I will take the Group’s shares for correction. There are plans to own this asset for a long time, so there is nowhere to rush and nothing — let the paper play all the news.

Thank you for reading.

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