While one is sitting on the sofa, others already change the place of work: where people are arranged


There is a very good proverb:

In general, our people were always different. And so far one half sits on the sofa in mind the forced weekend, the other half of the citizens decided to kill iron so far. And what to do if there is no money, there is no strength, but after the end of the «great seating» is not foreseen of work?

Go to the employment center for the manual?

Pardon, but these 12 thousand will only have enough communal and bread with water. But many loans, mortgages, children, studies, family, dependents. That is, expenses, from which it is simply impossible to refuse, much more than this amount. For example, our family, if you leave the most needed and try to eat ordinary air, costs amount to 52 thousand rubles per month (communal, gasoline, children’s study, loans).

But for the manual at the door of the employment service lined up quite a decent line. Citizens, despite the limitations, from early morning they have a queue for registration.

By the way, they are not so much.

Most of all those who decided not to wait for the abolition of restrictions, change the place of work or even a profession. Many have already understood that after the «long weekend» there will be nowhere to go — they were already warned that the firm closes.

Today we were in one of the urban bakeries, where we constantly buy puzzled dough. There a new employee appeared, a very nice woman who worked in a travel agency three weeks ago. The owner sent employees to SMS about his closure and transferred to each employee of 12 thousand from personal funds.

The new cashier seller is in the nearest to us. It can be seen that the man does not know a lot, there is no confidence in the movements, but he learns and is very pleasant and competently communicates with buyers.

In a tire installation, where we constantly change the rubber two new guy. Now there is a golden season and the owner (an elderly man) took two assistants. Guys have worked in a fitness club before. The wheels fly so that only the noise is worth.

Today we have taken an order to the City Employment Center. Do you know much most of the people? Municipal and city organizations and enterprises. Not for benefits, and where they always pay guaranteed money.

Let little, but always!

Busy all vacancies of municipal and civil servants, more and less cash places in large urban enterprises that still continue to work. Many remember the teacher’s diplomas lying in the box, teachers. Almost fully equipped states of pharmacies and grocery stores. But no one goes to restaurants, cafes, travel agencies, fitness centers, hotels and holiday homes, clubs, trendy shops, etc.

It seems to me that people made a completely logical outlining of the situation.

We also have in