Why do people buy in «Fixprass» of 100 pieces of red disposable bags: the Council, saving to masters of thousands of rubles


Now the fashion for various lifehaki, the secrets of the ancient masters, the brilliant advice of the ancestors, which for 1000 years before they did better than after. I do not argue, many tips are useful, save time and money, but often on the «Brilliant Council of the ancestors» is spent much more time than the case was done without advice.

This summer I bought the Circher’s construction vacuum cleaner. Everyone is good, with the exception of one thing — low price.

Like that

Yes, it is good, only the low price on your product manufacturer makes expensive consumables and filters. And the filter and paper bags for dust collection are 900 rubles. Well, not humanely pay so much money for 5 paper envelopes.

I tried to «fool the system» and on the advice of a friend instead of a native curler filter inserted a filter from Muscovite. If the native is 900, then Moskvichovsky — 190. The difference is noticeable, but he doesn’t quite exactly — you need to make a tin, which from time to time crashes, and you have to rebuild everything from time to time …

In general, the savings are wrapped with hemorrhoids.

If we vacuum at all without bags for dust collection, then the main filter is slowly and sad turns into kaku. But this photo was made after the first «test» room cleaning with an area of 25 sq.m:

Sadness and sadness!

However, I have in vain in vain a bike, the greed of the manufacturer can cure even without buying some kind of left filter from the long-lasting car.

Many builders, masters, artisans and ordinary owners of construction vacuum cleaners found a penny replacement for expensive dust bags.




Secondly, it is one in one in its diameter suitable for building vacuum cleaners with a bucket capacity of 20 liters.

In fact, everything is very simple: no need to hedit anything, insert laces, some tightening, clips, etc. On each side, exactly on the seam, the shopping bag is torn by about 10-15 cm.

This is enough to put the bag in the vacuum cleaner, wrap it out and snap clips from the vacuum cleaner cover on the bucket-drive. As a result, it turns out such a red-yellow collective farm.

Of course, it is oooochen away from the presentation of many women about the perfect vacuum cleaner, but in general it is stacked in the framework of the male collective farm-building Fenshuya.


But it is possible to remove the garbage just simultaneously, the power of suction is not that not changed, it even became more.

A paper bag still reduces the power of this kid, and there is no bag.

After cleaning the room from construction dust, cutting paper, vaporizolation, foam and extrusion, as well as a large amount of sawdust and wood dust from chipboard (many know what kind of nasty) — the bag from the inside remained nirious clean.

But inside …

Compare what the inside of the bag-bag looks like, and what gathered in a bucket-drive.

Now look at the native curler filter after cleaning the whole room from the construction trash.

And now the main thing is the issue price.

As you already know, 5 branded bags for garbage collection cost 900 rubles, and this is 180 rubles per piece.

Red / green / yellow / white / gray-brown-cyavic shopping bag in Galamart and Fixprase without a discount cost 25 rubles. And with a discount — 19 rubles!

That is why, during pre-holiday discounts, many masters and builders buy such bags of 20-50-100 pieces and happy. There is enough such a strategic stock for a couple of years of continuous operation in mode24 / 7/365.

And, as Mikhail Zadornov said, no need to shake her grandmother!