Xiaomi will launch its first electric vehicle.


It looks like there will be another player on the electric vehicle market soon. No, it’s not about a young and ambitious startup, but about a company that has already made a name for itself, albeit in a slightly different direction. This is Xiaomi, one of the leaders in the global mobile market.

Not only Apple, but also other mobile device manufacturers are showing interest in the automotive market. According to insiders cited by the authoritative edition of Reuters, Xiaomi plans to conquer the electric vehicle market with models under its own brand. Xiaomi’s first own electric car could go on sale as early as 2023. And in its creation, the Chinese electronics manufacturer will be helped by Great Wall, one of the largest automotive companies in the Middle Kingdom.

Xiaomi’s first electric car will be produced at the Great Wall plant, according to Reuters. The characteristics of the vehicle are still unknown. It is only reported that the Xiaomi electric car will be released for the mass market, that is, anyone can buy it. It will be able to interact with other brand devices, that is, it will become part of the branded ecosystem. How much the Xiaomi electric car will cost is anyone’s guess. But there is hope that Xiaomi will apply its usual strategy here and will sell cars much cheaper than competitors, all other things being equal.

Representatives from Xiaomi and Great Wall declined to comment. But insiders say the companies will officially announce the partnership next week.