«You will not give us 14, we ruin,» the dealers said.


If you walk through the city markets, see how the private traders are actively traded by milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, egg, you might think that it is enough to move to the village, start a dozen — other cows and you are provided for the rest of your life. Know the food, doj, sell and consider the ladies.

In an ideal business plan, a year after the organization of a barn, you can ride in red Mercedes. In real life, Mercedes does not appear as …

People will always eat!

So thought the young farmer from a small village in the vicinity of the city of Magnitogorsk, when he started his small business. I can’t say he was wrong. But 100% was not right.

It all started a few years ago, when Airat decided to work for himself and organized a small dairy farm. When you have one or two cows to cope with the sale of not such a difficult task. The largest headache delivers not sale, but feed, their purchase and billet. And to sell milk from a pair of cows can almost always. For example, in our city there are about a dozen markets, where residents of Bashkiria quietly sell cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, milk.

So it turned out. He coped with the farm himself 100%, sometimes helped his spouse. The problems began when a young man decided to increase the economy and the number of cows smoothly crushed for 20 pieces.

No matter how strange it sounded, but the problem with feeds with a large number of cows moved to the background: they simply have to buy. But in full growth rose the most pressing question:

Where to give so much milk from 24 cows?

If you hire a person for trading, then how to control it, because milk can be tritely diluted with water. Ultimately, it will turn out that people will simply stop taking a poor-quality product — the farm will fly into the pipe.

Helped the case.

The discoversion came to the young farmer with a proposal from which it is impossible to refuse:

Now the demand is low, dairy plants buy milk for 18 rubles per liter, and you live far away, it’s expensive yourself, so we will take milk from 14. If you do not agree, then no one will buy milk in the district, and you yourself Never sell so much!

Another would have agreed and gradually fly to the pipe. 14 rubles per liter, of course, above the cost of milk, but the farm will not work. After buying feed, the farmer would have remained kopecks.

Airat did not agree!

I like people who do not go on circumstances, and trying even in every blow of fate to find a new opportunity, find a way out. He found this way out. Literally, the week hired two women in the village who would care for cows, fed them and they were drove, agreed with the Administration of the Fair, bought a stainless steel bar from a ruined farmer for milk and … came out to trade himself.

Every morning his small barrel at 450 liters of tasty, undiluted milk began to appear in the same place on the product fair. Always with a smile, joke, boom, always clean, with delicious, undiluted almost pair milk, which by standing a couple of hours a third gives fat cream.

And it gave its fruits. Do you know how long he trades his delicious milk? A maximum of three hours — already by 11 o’clock in the morning there is no barrel, it is completely selling milk. After all, every morning there is a queue of 10-20 people grow up with him.

Hour of the road and he returns to his economy. It cleans, she washes, removes, it takes food, turns out of fresh hay, sometimes even turns on the music to his bourrs.

Now it is very fashionable to moan on the Internet that everything bent, the end of the village, no one takes anything, grow and produce is not profitable. Well, it is quite possible that way.

But thanks to units, ordinary workers, such as this guy, and I truly believe it, you can lift the village and people will receive good money for their hard work.

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